Fashion Trends in Italy

Hi Friends: I thought I would share some observations from my recent trip to Italy. I spent several days in the fashion districts of Milan and Rome - so many artistic displays, colorful apparel and floral patterns - everywhere! Among the most popular colors were lemon yellow - which graced items from shoes and lacy socks to fishnet sweaters - often paired with black, kelly green or fuchsia. Graphic, geometric patterns (even camo!) were often layered under florals to give feminine gowns an urban edge. Some designers are now digitally printing their own images on fabrics, giving them a modern, photographic quality or, like me, printing art directly onto fabric. Nice to know my own products are on the cutting edge of runway fashion!


I always enjoy seeing the amazing men's boutiques in Italy - full of color and eye-popping detail, just like Italian men themselves. The Giorgio Armani flagship store in Milan is beautifully designed, includes a bookstore and cafe, and caters to both men and women with reasonably priced casual apparel and accessories. Following the trend of fashionable activewear, a huge department of athletic gear and apparel dominates the second floor. Despite the high price of creations from top designers, the Milan fashion district, concentrated in a roughly 20-block area of historic villas, was crowded and busy. Both Italian men and women were decked out as usual in gorgeous leathers and silks. Even school children were wearing faux fur jackets and designer jeans. We spotted many unusual shoes - not only made from leather, but from recycled plastic bottles and paper - as well as hand painted boots like those from Chanel (see my Pinterest Accessories board). Floral patterned sandals were especially prominent for spring. No such thing as too many flowers! Enjoy these photos from my trip!