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Blue Thistle Arts

Artist Statement

My art reflects the natural world in its stylized forms, brilliant patterns and dreamlike settings. I specialize in collages and paintings that are expressionist, meaning their purpose is to convey emotion rather than reality. I achieve this goal with unexpected color, large scale and twisting, turning compositions that suggest movement. My mixed media work is made of paper, paint, thread, beads, feathers and other overlapping objects, reflecting my belief in the interconnectedness of all things.

Although I have been deeply affected by nature, most of my art is derived from my imagination, lending it a surreal quality. Artists who have influenced my work include: Henri Matisse - leader of the French painting group, “Les Fauves,” known for its intense color palette and interest in expressing emotion; Henri Rousseau, a self-taught, Surrealist painter known for his primitive jungle scenes such as “The Dream”; and Georgia O’Keefe, acclaimed for her large, hyper-focussed studies of single flowers.

As an artist, my goal is to transport viewers to another place - an inner garden where they can experience serenity, radiance, a sense of wonder and gratitude - all things we feel while sitting in the midst of nature’s beauty. I believe art can be healing, inspirational and transformative. I believe art can influence the lives of the maker and the receiver. I believe art can serve as a bridge to a higher purpose; mine is bringing joy into the daily lives of women through nature-inspired objects, and also, awakening women to their role as protectors of Mother Nature.

Melanie's work: