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Blue Thistle Arts

My mission is to encourage women to celebrate, conserve and care for Mother Nature.

Each item we offer, whether it is a pillow or scarf, began as a painting of flowers, leaves, or organic patterns. Through a design and printing process, I transformed the art into fabric, and, finally, into a one-of-a-kind product inspired by nature.

Our current offerings include: silk scarves and wraps, reversible throw pillows, tunics and zip pouches, as well as limited edition textiles. We will soon offer prints of my paintings and a few special holiday items. Market and beach bags will be available in 2015.

To learn more about the mission of Blue Thistle Arts, please read the first post on my blog page.

Purchasing our products will provide women with a daily source of joy, and a means to help repair our natural environment.

Most of my products are manufactured by Southwest Creations Collaborative in New Mexico - an enterprise that trains and employs women from low-income neighborhoods to cut, sew and finish artistic soft goods. Providing on-site childcare, Southwest Creations invests in women who, in turn, invest in their families and communities. I am honored to work with this organization that values and enriches the contributions of women to our society. - Melanie Birk